Your media reputation, can you handle the truth?

Do you know what your target media thinks about you, your brand or your business?

Have you ever thought to ask them?

Now, this may sound scary and at times even be a bit uncomfortable BUT if you are going to run a PR or marketing campaign properly, you need to start with a baseline.

Let’s imagine you buy into this, where would you start? With the people who already write about you or who you WANT to be known by?

Maybe. Sounds perfectly sensible and fairly easy.  

However, might I suggest you start with the people who your customers actually read? The media that will help inflate your profits, not just your ego.

Ask your target customers what they read, who they follow, what they listen to. Do this via an online survey with a prize draw opportunity or added-value product or service from your business to encourage take up and even, subtly sell your products and services right there.

You know, a bit like I’m doing now.

Then, once you have your list of suspects, compare them with your previous targets and begin to make some adjustments if necessary and then, prepare to ask two simple questions, tweaking them if you already have a relationship and to your tone of voice but essentially:

Do you know what we do?

How would you see us v XYZ rival business

Then, and here’s the kicker folks….ask them how you can help them better.

Yes, HELP.

Far too many people see Public Relations as a one-way street, a chance to wangle a marketing message into the media. Now, it certainly can do that for you but the professionals do it another way, we strive to become a partner with the press, a provider of genuinely useful content, be it news or views, that the media will thank you and reward you for with that much coveted coverage.

Now, there’s a bit more to it than that but in a nutshell, that’s what you should do. Of course, we can do it for you and typically we charge between £250.00-400.00 for this service BUT if you drop me a line before the end of March 2019 I can do the media outreach part this for you, professionally, for free.

NB – UK businesses only and you need to be a trading business of course otherwise there is no reputation to go on.

If you want to do this yourself, just go for it. It will pay off in spades in terms of customer outreach as you are getting in touch and seeking their valued opinion and might just spark off a press opportunity right away.

PS – I tend to do this when I have a news angle to announce in the very near future for my client. I won’t give it away but I am warming them up to expect something soon. Cunning eh?