Just say NO – a marketing lesson from the kids of Grange Hill

Despite working in PR, I am not a YES man. 
I’ve said YES to Richard Branson and James Caan as you surely know by now but I’ve also said NO to many more, including Colonel Gaddafi.
OK, the kids from Grange Hill had the serious message of drug abuse to tackle, whilst I was checking my moral compass but at times we are all a little guilty of being too afraid to say no, especially when it comes to new clients or leads.
I had an email this week, out of the blue, asking for PR support. This is not that unusual but the timing was rather last minute and what they wanted isn’t really what we do.
In fact, it isn’t at all what we do. 
They needed help publicising a local glamorous event.
Now, that isn’t the fault of the prospect, they had been advised to get in touch with me by another agency, which was rather nice of them. Thanks.
I knew that we could probably help, IF we had more time but I also knew that we were not the BEST FIT for them even if we did. 
We would have done a good job but not a GREAT one by our standards and that isn’t what I want or what my prospect needed.
10 years ago, when I first set up Press For Attention PR I would probably have said YES. I would have found a way to find the time and resource to help in any way I could because frankly, I wanted the business. 
Actually, that’s not true. Frankly, I wanted the money.
Not all about the money
Herein lies the difference and why I always refer to Marketing and Sales NOT Sales and Marketing.
Marketing is positioning your offering to the right people. Sales is converting the lead. However, if the lead isn’t a good fit, you need to stop thinking about it as a lead.
You need to be known for your speciality. Your niche. Then you can market accordingly and sell better solutions to that market.
It is always tempting to stray a little but my advice is, just say no kids.
Oh and for the record, here’s what we do BRILLIANTLY – we help experts get known for what they know. 
If that is you, get in touch. For more free PR Tips and Tricks click HERE.