Gordon Bennett! Brown in black and white.

Gordon Brown Labour Party Conference
Gordon Brown Labour Party Conference

I’ve just spent an hour watching Gordon Brown deliver his crucial speech to the Labour Party Conference. For a man who struggles with what his media personality actually is, he did very well. Why? Well, he was himself. I think.

Gordon admitted he has been criticised in the media for being too serious. His response? “These are serious times.” He then softened his delivery using real-life anecdotes to describe his passion for a strong NHS. There was tub thumping but equally there was admission of mistakes made, notably in relation to the 10p tax debacle.

He attacked the Tories, his party craved that and he did it pretty well. However, he didn’t get too tempted to launch into what they can’t or won’t do and concentrated on what Labour will do.

Standing ovations greeted him a number of times as he delivered a strong performance but I wonder if his wife Sarah, who actually opened the conference and introduced him, will receive just as many plaudits in tomorrow’s tabloids?

He also managed a sly dig at those questioning his leadership credentials. “These are no times for an apprentice,” he joked. Which David was that aimed at I wonder?